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June 2016

Geofencing and Exploration

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The aim of a seismic survey is to map the subsurface in the most detailed and efficient way, mapping the reservoir so that critical decisions, such as choosing a drilling location, can be made with increased confidence. Definition of the target and an understanding of the quality of data that can be achieved in the… Read More »Geofencing and Exploration

Improving oilfield safety – what3words

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Remote locations need accurate mapping. When an accident happens in the oilfield, knowing where that accident has occurred is critical. It is standard practice to carry a piece of GPS enabled equipment. These coordinates can be read back to a base location and support/help can be dispatched. There are a variety of projections, coordinate systems… Read More »Improving oilfield safety – what3words

Data Management Zoo

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In a zoo, animals, for the most part, are kept in separate enclosures. Some are big, some are small, some are aggressive carnivores, some are gentle (or at least appear to be). Different diets, sleep habits, space and health vulnerabilities mean separation is key. Most zoo animals have their own zoo keeper, someone to look… Read More »Data Management Zoo