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September 2016

The importance of Geography

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I heard on the radio this week that over 8 out of 10 British people do not know where Edinburgh is. Stop and think about that for a second. I went looking the following day for the source of this information and it was from a survey done by the Ordnance Survey for national map… Read More »The importance of Geography

Have GIS ‘things’ changed that much?

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I have a book that I bought during my master’s degree in 2001, entitled “Fundamentals of spatial information systems” written by Robert Laurini and Derek Thompson in 1992, I have the 1999 edition. Chapter 1, Geomatics, begins with the following statement: “Today in Redlands, California, a group of people is building a digital data… Read More »Have GIS ‘things’ changed that much?

GIS to manage exploration risk

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A Geographical Information System is ideally suited to manage many of the risks associated with exploration and oilfield activities. Risks such as, but not limited to – Accidents, dangerous roads, steep inclines and slopes – In project execution, doing something you were not supposed to do and not knowing you did it – Having to… Read More »GIS to manage exploration risk