Temporal EO (Planet and the Oilfield)

This week I attended “Geo-Tech Masterclass: Introduction to satellite APIs” given by Planet (formally Planet Labs) at the Geovation hub in London. The Geovation hub is run by the Ordnance Survey with the “intention to be a centre of collaboration and inspiration in the UK geospatial industry” – exciting times! Earth Observation data can be Read more about Temporal EO (Planet and the Oilfield)[…]

Machine learning Landsat / Sentinel data

What changes can be measured using Landsat and/or Sentinel-2 data? In large areas change detection (land use for example) is commonly used for these data sets. If companies like Orbital Insights are counting cars, using shadows from floating oil tanks to determine capacity and measuring levels of construction, what smaller objects and data analytics can be Read more about Machine learning Landsat / Sentinel data[…]

EO data deluge

September 2016 was a busy month for the launch of Earth Observation satellites. Terrabella launched 4 more of its SkySats, bringing the total to 7. We’re excited to share the first light images from our four newest high-resolution imaging satellites, SkySat-4-7! https://t.co/RV5GyaZMPF pic.twitter.com/WbMOGjaG78 — Terra Bella (@terra_bella) September 27, 2016 On the same launch vehicle Read more about EO data deluge[…]