Data, data everywhere

This week Planet successfully launched 88 of its doves, taking another massive step forward in mapping the entire planet daily. I have written about the dramatic increase in temporal resolution data several times in the past. It is worth repeating though – I think – that while Remote Sensing is not new, the level of Read more about Data, data everywhere[…]

Earth Observation: Big Data

What is Big Data? Big data is a term for data sets that are so large or complex that traditional data processing application softwares are inadequate to deal with them. In an event this week in central London I heard big data described as “non-spreadsheet” data. I think Earth Observation (EO) data could fit Read more about Earth Observation: Big Data[…]

EO point based unsupervised classification

With remote sensing we often talk about the 3 resolutions: spatial, temporal and spectral. In recent years a massive step change has occurred with temporal data. Even this week there has been another huge leap forward. Planet have just announced that they are to launch a world record 88 of its doves and, if successful, Read more about EO point based unsupervised classification[…]