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February 2017

Space is open

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This week I attended an excellent talk given by Dr Jon Blower, CTO at IEA in Reading, entitled “Satellites, sensors and statistics – from environmental data to decisions” which was a meetup of the Society of Data Miners at the Royal Statistical Society in London. It is always good to attend events like this when… Read More »Space is open

Data, data everywhere

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This week Planet successfully launched 88 of its doves, taking another massive step forward in mapping the entire planet daily. I have written about the dramatic increase in temporal resolution data several times in the past. It is worth repeating though – I think – that while Remote Sensing is not new, the level of… Read More »Data, data everywhere

Earth Observation: Big Data

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What is Big Data? Big data is a term for data sets that are so large or complex that traditional data processing application softwares are inadequate to deal with them. In an event this week in central London I heard big data described as “non-spreadsheet” data. I think Earth Observation (EO) data could fit… Read More »Earth Observation: Big Data