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February 2018


Image reducer in Python

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Google Earth Engine (GEE) has a very nice feature called ‘image reducer’ and, frankly, it is incredibly useful. Say, for example, you have a field boundary and you want to know the mean, median, maximum and minimum NDVI values for it. In GEE you can use the reducer to get these values. You can also… Read More »Image reducer in Python

How many Shapefiles on my computer?

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If you work with Geospatial software you cannot ignore the Shapefile. Whatever your thoughts on them (and it does polarise opinion in the GIS world; look for #Teamshapefile or #switchfromshapefile), I feel that I am ultimately driven by whatever a client would prefer. More often than not that is a preference for a Shapefile. FME… Read More »How many Shapefiles on my computer?