Sentinel-5P and Python

The data for Sentinel 5P was made available on 11th July 2018. #BreakingSince yesterday #Sentinel5P #opendata is available for downloadWith a resolution of up to 7×3.5 km, it enables detection of air pollution over individual cities.This high spatial resolution is key to locate the origin of pollutants and identifying #pollution hotspots — Copernicus EU Read more about Sentinel-5P and Python[…]

K-means in Python 3 on Sentinel 2 data

18 months ago I wrote about unsupervised classification of randomly extracted point data from satellite data. I have been meaning to follow it up with showing how straightforward it is to use the cluster algorithms in Sklearn to classify Sentinel 2 data. I have made this blog into a Juypter Notebook which is available here. Read more about K-means in Python 3 on Sentinel 2 data[…]