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Earth Observation Q1 review

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So many things happen over the space (no pun intended) of a year, I want – if only for my own reflection – to try and collate this information quarterly. It will be interesting at the end of the 2017 to see the pace that the Earth Observation community is moving.

I reflected on progress in 2016

Q1 2017

So, here are some of the things you may or may not have missed between Jan ’17 and Mar ’17:

Google plan to open source the Google Earth Enterprise

EOX release Sentinel 2 cloudless atlas of the world and you can access this on AWS

Planet launch their explorer

The use of Satellites to map refugee movements in Sudan

Sentinel 2b is launched; read about it here, ESA holds #Sentinel2Go event

Planet launches 88 doves

Descartes Labs launch ‘Geo Visual Search’

Satellites capture the fake building of homes!

MDA announces intention to acquire Digital Globe

Satellites catch up with illegal fishing

ESA opens up yet more free imagery from envisat

Google sells Terrabella to Planet

Bill and Melinda Gates help set up a multi-million dollar mission, named “Radiant Earth”, with the aim to make reams of satellite images freely available

Landsat 7 made its last manoeuvre

NASA decommissioned EO-1 after 17 years service

Higher level Landsat data has been made available

Q1 was a busy quarter!

Did I miss something important? Let me know.