7th December 2017



Alastair Graham (@ajggeoger) and myself Andrew Cutts (@map_andrew) present an informal podcast looking at the world of modern remote sensing and Earth observation. Fuelled by our passion for all things raster and geospatial, the #scenefromabove podcast aims to be a mix of news, opinion, discussion and interviews.

We had a lot of fun doing this and huge credit to Alastair who does all the editing; I just did some talking and thinking… I hope you enjoy.

Season 1 Episode 2: What is Open Data?

Scene From Above S1 E2 (download file recorded 12th Jan 2018)

In this episode we discuss open data – what it is, how useful it is and whether there are levels of openness. We also chat about satellite launches, gigapixel images, conferences and more.


Transcript for Episode 2 is available here www.acgeospatial.co.uk/s1e2-transcript

Season 1 Episode 1: Is Google Earth the killer app?

Podcast S1E1 (download file recorded 15th Dec 2017)

In this episode we talk about whether or not Google Earth is still the killer app that non-specialists go to for their Earth observation fix, and what the next app might need to look like to take over the mantle from GE. We also chat about wildfires, openEO, the ISS and more.


Transcript for Episode 1 is available here http://www.acgeospatial.co.uk/s1e1-transcript/

Season 1 Episode 0: Demo (Pilot)

S1E0_final (download file recorded 1st December 2017)


Transcript for the Pilot is available here http://www.acgeospatial.co.uk/s1e0-transcript/


Note for readers / listeners

If you have questions, comments or corrections then you can contact Alastair (@ajggeoger) and Andrew (@map_andrew) on Twitter using #scenefromabove

These podcasts are based on opinions at the time of recording. We will seek to rectify any errors as we come across them. We reserve the right to change our opinions at any time. We are not being paid to produce these podcasts.