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Earth Observation Q1 2018 review

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news 2018

news 2018

I started writing these reviews a year ago, really to get a feel of the pace of change in Earth Observation / Geospatial today. If you are interested in the major EO related events in 2017, please go to the link below:

Q4 2017 Earth Observation

Q1 2018

China launched two Superview-1 EO satellites into low Earth orbit in January.

Closely followed by 31 more satellites, including Earth-i’s full-color video sensor, ICEYE SAR CubeSat and Cartosat -2.

ESA’s first mission of the year, GomX-4B is launched – a CubeSat with a hyperspectral camera.

Sentinel 1 data is made available on AWS.

The next Landsat science team was selected.

Skywatch raised $3.2million in a funding round.

Digital Globe published an interesting blog post about machine learning – not about extracting data from satellite imagery, but reducing the cost of hosting imagery and predicting what images are going to be in demand.

Landsat 7 ETM+ completes its 100,000th orbit!

Landsat 8 celebrates 5 years in orbit.

Planet announces surface reflectance basemaps.

Sentinel 3B is coming!

QGIS 3 is here! And it has some amazing new tools:

2017 – a year of Weather by EUMETSAT:

A Wired article highlights how the US Government controls sensitive Satellite data.

How much does free data cost?

SSTL adds a fourth EO satellite to the TripleSat constellation.

ESA opens ΦLab!

Hummingbird technology, which uses drone and AI for agriculture, raises 3m in funding round.


Remote Pixel launches an on demand NDVI viewer using AWS Lambda to process imagery on demand!

Space X will be launching WorldView Legion in 2021.

The way to remove space junk may well be with a harpoon.

Sentinel 2a and 2b are now both working with laser links to geostationary relay satellites, providing data much faster.

Do you want to know what a data refinery is?

India and Europe sign agreement to share satellite data.

Google Earth Engine updates:

The UK getting a space port is one step closer.

LiDAR is used to uncover previously unseen Maya cities:

And finally, some astonishing off angle shots from Planet:

Could 2018 be a revolutionary year for Small Sats? It may well be.

Did I miss something? Let me know and I will add it to the list.

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