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Earth Observation Q1 2019 review

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I started writing these reviews two years ago, really to get a feel of the pace of change in Earth Observation / Geospatial today. If you are interested in the major EO related events in 2017 and 2018, please go to the links below:

Earth Observation Q4 2018 review


Q4 2017 Earth Observation

Q1 2019

Use Space for peaceful purposes, please.


Gaofan-5 and Gaofan-6 are in service.

OneWeb launches:

Being responsible in space.

AI on satellites is coming:


Sentinel 2 Level 2a is in Google Earth Engine.

Hansen Global Forest dataset is updated for 2018.

BigEarthNet is here.

ICE EYE on Anak Krakatau Volcano.

WorldView 4 cannot collect any further imagery:

Sentinel 2 landcover:

Corine Land Cover now updated for 2018 .

SAR pricing explained.

More Sentinel5P data!

Projects / Workflows

Monitoring water scarcity.

Data Science and Satellite imagery.

Forest Carbon stocks and emissions:

Accuracy in machine learning – be careful.

Time series on SAR data:

STAC is updated:

EO Learn part 2.

Grass cutting with satellite data.

Burn map of the world (perhaps not a burn map, but a map showing air pollution related to burning).

Our Planet is greener than ever before.

Tracking pirates and weather.


Raster Time Series plug-in for QGIS now available.

GeoLambda is updated.

SatUtils updated.


OpenEO API 0.4.0 released.

Geospatial Python tutorial and code? Yes please!


ESRI introduce Notebooks.



GeoPython Schedule released.

Companies / Investment / Governmental

Extraordinary growth in Landsat.

UK Space Agency release high resolution satellite images for the public sector.

China’s new space market.

How big is the UK Space industry?

Satellogic sets out plans for a 1m resolution 90 fleet series of EO satellites to map the earth every week.

Urthecast close on the $20million geosys deal.

Points of interest / News

Visualizing Sentinel 3 data in the EO Browser.

Sentinel Hub EO Browser competition launched.

Geospatial trends for 2019?

Breakdown of the European DIAS systems.

Year of Weather!

Google Satellite was almost called Bird Mode!

On average, what the earth looked like from space in 2018:

Did I miss something? Let me know and I will add it to the list.

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