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Earth Observation Q1 2020 review

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This is the firstly EO quarterly news of 2020. I try and use these posts to record what happen in the general sphere of Earth Observation / Geospatial across each quarter. If you want a more regular news please check out the #scenefromabove podcast which gets a new episode approximately once every 3 weeks. If you are interested in the major EO related events in Q4 2019, please visit the link below:

The world changed in this quarter. COV-19 has infected and killed thousands of people. Everyone has been effected. The Earth Observation community has been massively impacted in many ways. As we go into Q2 and the rest of 2020 the world (at least in my lifetime) has never looked so terrifying and uncertain. Please, where you are, stay safe.

Q1 2020

I wrote a number of posts in Q1, please check them out especially on Natural Capital


Landsat 9 is getting closer (though not until 2021)


100 million downloads of Landsat data – fantastic – but lets start streaming it as COGS now!

More data in Google Earth Engine

RapidEye constellation is retiring.

Sentinel 5P is available on the cloud in aws as a COG – wow

SAR Video – not sure what market this will serve – but impressive

Projects / Workflows

UAV data, colab and landcover classification!

Creating models of reservoir storage – Geospatial data’s next frontier?

300+ Earth Engine Jupyter Python notebooks – incredible!


Machine learning on mangrove swamps with EO data!

Tensorflow and Google Earth Engine – its where the excitment is today in EO

STAC 0.9 is out and we now have Intake-stac

Earth Map – looking good!

SAR 101 – essential reading as ever on CosmiqWork blog


Its been almost 2 months since this announcement, but scikit-geometry is here!

GeoPandas update


Massive UK Space event happened in London – Scenefromabove was there!

Companies / Investment / Governmental

Skywatch Apps raises $10m

Points of Interest / News

Rasters are note Monsters!

The BEST use of EO in telling a news story do not miss it

This is ace work for QGIS

Don’t miss this talk by Dr Matt Hansen

Image credit

Great blog on speeding up Geospatial Python workflows

In my opinion if you want to get into Geospatial Deep Learning then you could do alot worse than fast ai – and now they have a whole book out for personal use on github

Did I miss something? Let me know and I will add it to the list.

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