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Earth Observation Q2 2018 review

earth observation

earth observation

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Another quarter has flown by. Following on from my Q1 review earlier this year, it’s time to take a look at the main events of Q2. If you missed my Q1 review it is available below.

Earth Observation Q1 2018 review

If you’d like an overview of the events in 2017 I have grouped them all here.

Q4 2017 Earth Observation

Q2 2018

April saw three more Gaofen-1 satellites launched .

Followed by Gaofen-5 in May.

Cloud optimised Geotiffs (COGs have come alive this quarter. Not sure what they are? Go here). Get the latest news about COGs here.

Soil moisture data from satellites is helping forecast crop yields.

ICEYE complete a new funding round enabling a SAR constellation at the end of 2019.

20 apps using Copernicus data. Satellites are enabling cool things.

Nature publishes a widely discussed article on potential future charges for Landsat data.

Sentinel 3b is launched. And now it is flying in tandem with 3a as it is calibrated.

EarthNow is launched with a promise of “continuous real-time video views of our planet

Earth-i release the world’s first colour videos from space

A deformation map of the UK created from Sentinel 1 is now available. Visit the map yourself here.

The scientific impact of the European Space Agency programs – it’s increasing.

Sentinel 2 land cover map of Austria is released.

Robosat becomes opensource. A new age in feature extraction?

How to build a big data portal.

GDBx notebooks are officially launched.

Grace satellite launched. The aim is to measure the Earth’s gravity field.

Ever wondered how to create cloudless mosaics? Singerise has the answers.

Ever wanted to create time lapse imagery using Sentinel 2? Now you can.


Google Earth Engine User summit.

Phi week bootcamp announced.

The GeoPython 2018 conference took place.

Third Geo Data Providers Workshop took place.

Analysis ready data workshop announced.

Software / tech updates

Rasterio at 1.0.

QGIS 3.2 out now.

GDAL 2.3.0 is released.

Python 3.7.0.

Orfeo toolbox 6.6.

Geoserver 2.13.1 released.

 Cool things people are doing

Where is the sun directly overhead right now?

Want to download Sentinel 2 using Python?

Should you care about PostGIS? Yes!

And finally…

The last big thing to happen this quarter was Microsoft releasing 125 million building footprints. Go and get them as a GeoPackage.

Did I miss something? Let me know and I will add it to the list.

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