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Earth Observation Q2 2019 review

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I started writing these reviews two years ago, really to get a feel of the pace of change in Earth Observation / Geospatial today. If you are interested in the major EO related events in Q1 2019 please visit the link below:

Earth Observation Q1 2019 review

Q2 2019


Asia continues to be a huge growth area for Earth Observation and more launches are coming:

Radarsat constellation launched:

Suggestions for future Landsat missions:

More cubestats:


The EO data challenge for FOSS4G is launched:

Stac 0.7.0 is released.

What is the difference between a Cloud Optimised Geotiff and Meta Raster format?


Projects / Workflows

Measuring pollution from space using Sentinel 5-P.

Keep on learning with the excellent RUS training webinars:

Learn about Cartopy here (especially if you rely on basemap).

How to build a Google Earth Engine App.

Detecting fields in Germany using Copernicus data:

OSM inputs to Machine Learning a tutorial:


New version of scikit-image released.

QGIS is available on conda!

Do you like Google Earth Engine? Wants loads of tips in one place? Great, then go here.

QGIS cheatsheet.

Space Net 5 Challenge – all about roads and optimising:

QGIS 3.8 is out now:

Learning Python? – This is a great intro to Numpy. is available in Jupyter Notebooks:

Robosat and Machine Learning.

SNAP 7 released in beta.

Cool series on COGs including mosaics.

Documentation updated for GDAL, and GDAL 3.0.0 released.

GeoPandas 0.5.0 is out now.


ESA Living Planet took place in Milan:

GeoPythonConf took place. Cool stuff here.

Analysis Ready Workshop announced.

Companies / Investment / Governmental

Selling data products is the wrong business model for AI, according to Descartes Labs.

Radiant Earth Foundation are building Open Training data for sustainable development and they are even more focused on this target now.

Another entrant to the seemingly crowded space analytics market.

Salesforce bought tableau.

Blacksky wins US intel contract.

AWS ground station is up and running.

Orbital Go announced.

Maxar sign deal with DARPA.

Urthecast are selling Deimos imaging.

Points of interest / News

The BBC did a four part series on Earth From Space:

Sentinel 2 is actually a video:

Want to know more about Google Earth Timelapse? All is revealed here.

Interested in maps and GIS? A cool new weekly newsletter is available for free to subscribe to:

Satellites and privacy.

Chennai is running out of water:

Major Greenland Glacier is growing:

Planet’s Boundless acquisition news – it’s not good for investors.

Who will be the next big mapping company?

And finally, Satellites are being used to protect sharks:


Did I miss something? Let me know and I will add it to the list.

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