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Earth Observation Q3 2019 review

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Another quarter has flown by. So welcome to EO news Q3 2019! If you are interested in the major EO related events in Q1 and Q2 2019, please visit the links below:

Earth Observation Q1 2019 review


Q3 2019


Have small sats reached maturity?

Analysis | Are smallsats entering the maturity stage?

Not a launch, but Landsat 10 is going to be known as Landsat Next:

Is the chance of a collision increasing? ESA had to move Aeolus this Quarter:

Not launched, but soon to be – Satellites with AI.

UK-led companies involved in MANTIS.


Great news on Analysis Ready Data – this time for SAR.

Tropomi is improved!

Lots of truisms here:

Microsoft releases 18m building footprints. Remember, we still need great training data!

ICESAT-2 exciting news.

We need to start talking about STAC and COG more in Europe. This is massive:

GeoTiff v1.1 is an open standard!

v3 AsterDem is out:

Projects / Workflows

ESRI is getting  more into deep learning. This time identifying building footprints.

Want a list of all the Earth Engine Apps? Then go here.

Want to run pygis in a Jupyter notebook?

Awesome Geospatial!

8 tips for using GeoPandas – this one is written by me:

8 tips using GeoPandas and Python for Geospatial People

Raster image processing on Sentinel hub. A really nice guide.


Earthpy is here. Excited to give this a go in Python.

Deep learning and Geospatial. Great resource here:

Introducing Solaris – are you using it?

New GeoPandas update:

Deep Learning with Google Earth Engine.

GDAL and OGR – great stuff:

Rasterio – why are you not using it?


Phi week took place. Check out the videos and materials here.

Lots of FOSS4G events took place. So many videos and material to share. Start here.

Then go here for the UK version:

Google Earth Engine geoforgood took place. Some amazing stuff came out of it. Search #geo4good.

SpaceNet 5 is underway:

Companies / Investment / Governmental

Cesium closes a big investment round and spins out as a separate company:

Planet and analytic feeds launched. Detecting objects.

Stop downloading satellite imagery and do it with a virtual machine – thanks to vito.

Up42 launches – Open EO data and analytics platform. One to keep an eye on.

Descartes labs working wonders with blurry images.

Azavea doing great things with building footprints.

Points of Interest / News

How to support Open Source and stay sane. Great article on Nature.

If you have the time please try this SAR MOOC from EO College  . I did the first iteration and, honestly, it was worth every second.

All of Planets satellites visualised:


How high is Earth Observation?

The ethics of Earth Observation.

Brilliant again from @spatialthoughts.

Landsat orbit explained:

Finally… Even Rouault wins the Sol Katz award. A Geospatial world without Even would be a much poorer place:


Did I miss something? Let me know and I will add it to the list.

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