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Earth Observation Q3 2018 review

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Another quarter has flown by. Following on from my Q1 & Q2 reviews earlier this year, it is time to take a look at the main events of Q3. If you missed my Q1 or Q2 review they are available below.

Earth Observation Q1 2018 review

Earth Observation Q2 2018 review


If you’d like an overview of the events in 2017 I have grouped them all here.

Q3 2018


Sentinel 5P keeps on delivering

Given a satellite image, machine learning creates the view on the ground

Statistics on every Sentinel 2 tile

Predict Economic Indicators with OpenStreetMap

RoboSat is detecting buildings in Tanzania

Copernicus updates the plan for its Data and Information Access Services (DIAS)

Is Google Earth Live coming?

Planet and Google Earth Engine working together with Python

A brief overview of the satellite analytics market

Sentinel 5P data is now available to download

Scotland will host the UK’s first space port

GeoPandas v0.40 is released

Planet’s TED talk about building an Earth Database

MAXAR acquires neptec

Digital Globe used AI to identify solar panels on 15 million buildings

The National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) will continue as a public domain dataset for 2019

Landsat 9 is on Schedule – hooray!

Planet launch their analytics platform

Measuring the world’s beaches using Earth Engine


Gaofen-11 is launched, “part of the high-resolution project for observing Earth

7,000 small sats to be launched in the next 10 years

Digital Globe releases GIS data to aid Ebola outbreak

Planet releases OpenLST, “an open radio solution for communicating with remote instruments

We learnt how Geospatial data is helping traders around the world

Geospatial analytics growth is forecast to be “$18 Billion in Cumulative Revenue over Next Decade

Aeolus is launched! Learn more about the mission

Ever wondered what is an open data cube?

Cloud optimized geotiff is now supported in GeoTrellis

Space programs will boost development in Africa

More evidence of the move to Earth Observation Analytics as UrtheCast agrees purchase of geosys

A new project using Satellite Imagery & Machine Learning to Drive Sustainable Urbanization in Tanzania

Space science is vital to achieving global development goals

Who is buying all that satellite imagery? Government contracts still dominate(!)

Flooding on Kerala; Satellite imagery sheds light on the extent of it

Earth Engine datasets page got a nice refresh

FOSS4G took place in Dar es Salaam

The Landsat Science Team met in early August; find out more about the latest developments here

Orfeo released a new module for the toolbox to use deep learning techniques with real world geospatial data

We learnt more about Planet’s ‘Queryable Earth’


Cloud free Belgium and France using Sentinel 2

UAE satellite (KhalifaSat) to be launched from Japan in October

Sentinel hub’s thoughts on the state of EO (don’t miss this article)

Statistical Machine Learning Methods and Remote Sensing for Sustainable Development Goals: A Review

Google launches data search

Radiant Earth Foundation launches its Earth Imagery platform

RSPsoc annual conference took place in Birmingham University

Planet data became “Contributing Missions” of the Copernicus Programme.

SatSummit took place

Digital Globe announces EnhancedView contract option year

NASA launches ICEsat-2

NovoSAR-1 is launched

California and Planet come together to build and launch a new satellite to monitor climate change

Orbital Insight acquires FeatureX

UrtheCast Announces $25m contract to a “long-established commercial Earth Observation operator and value-added services provider on the Indian subcontinent

Orbital Insight and Planet announced continued partnership

Capella Space closes $19 million Series B – Earth observation data on demand

And Finally, ever wanted to build a Dove out of Lego? Now you can


Did I miss something? Let me know and I will add it to the list.

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