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Earth Observation Q4 2019 review

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This is the last EO quarterly news of 2019. I try and use these posts to record what happen in the general sphere of Earth Observation / Geospatial across each quarter. If you want a more regular news please check out the #scenefromabove podcast which gets a new episode approximately once every 3 weeks. If you are interested in the major EO related events in Q3 2019, please visit the link below:

Q4 2019


Copernicus funding – wow

Not Launches but…

Thankfully Landsat8 is now back working


No specifically data, but the SAR handbook is very useful!

Projects / Workflows

10 Hard Lessons Learned For Creating a Dataset in Our Crops Identification Challenge to Fight Hunger

Want to get started with Deep Learning and Computer Vision? This is a brilliant (free) resource

Over a year on, but still this is still THE Earth Observation Video

Want to master GDAL? Then this is a great place to start

Want to visualize some data with Python? This page has all bases covered.

Detecting wildfires in California – with Geostationary satellites

Earth Engine in QGIS –

Earth Engine in R Studio –


GeoFeather – I/O operations speed up for GeoPandas.

Introducing PyGeos – a new Python Geospatial Library

Hats off to Tom Chadwin – QGIS2Web is awesome

STAC just keeps on improving.


Planet hosted Explore 2019 – More spectral bands and 50cm imagery!

Companies / Investment / Governmental

Points of Interest / News

Do you want to see a satellite in the sky tonight? This webpage will help you.

We had some great people on the Podcast this year. None better than chatting to Morgan Crowley

Privacy and Satellites. Interesting article

Earth Engine Virtual Meetups are now a thing!

The future of technology is open.

Geofabric – time to harness all the geodata streams

Did I miss something? Let me know and I will add it to the list.

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