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STAC, COG, Python and QGIS

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I’ve spent a lot of time in the past trying to find satellite data. What the SpatioTemporal Asset Catalog (STAC) does is to build a common specification for how Satellite images (read Assets, they can include other things like drone imagery) are queried and found online. Why should we care about this? Well, for a… Read More »STAC, COG, Python and QGIS

Using Cloud Optimized Geotiff part 1

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The Cloud Optimized Geotiff (COG). Is it helping you to stop unnecessarily downloading data? It should. One of the biggest Earth Observation ‘things’ in 2019 was that USGS is delivering Landsat 8 as COGs (that have a SpatioTemoral Asset Catalog – STAC as well) But old practices die hard and sometimes, despite the knowledge of… Read More »Using Cloud Optimized Geotiff part 1