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EO data deluge

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September 2016 was a busy month for the launch of Earth Observation satellites. Terrabella launched 4 more of its SkySats, bringing the total to 7. We’re excited to share the first light images from our four newest high-resolution imaging satellites, SkySat-4-7! — Terra Bella (@terra_bella) September 27, 2016 On the same launch vehicle… Read More »EO data deluge

How low can EO go?

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The IKONOS satellite, launched in 1999 was the first satellite to offer 1m spatial resolution imagery to the public. It was soon followed by QuickBird; launched in 2001 it provided 60cm imagery. These satellites were, at the time, the workhorses for anyone requiring high resolution imagery. What goes up must come down. #retrospective on #Quickbird… Read More »How low can EO go?