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In praise of GeoPandas.explore

I’ve been teaching GeoPython recently to beginners – still places on courses in September (GeoPython for beginners and Git for beginners – early bird rates for August). We do alot of foundational work in order to open the doors to then start doing impactful things with Python. The topic that seems to get most people… Read More »In praise of GeoPandas.explore

Reducing Shapefile size

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Quite often I get sent / send shapefiles (zipped up mostly). I wondered if there was any way of reducing the filesize, sometimes these files can get quite big! In this notebook I wanted to run some checks / experiments on whether I could reduce the size of a shapefile. I tried various options, simplifiying… Read More »Reducing Shapefile size

GeoPandas and PostGIS

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In late June GeoPandas 0.8 was released. This release has made massive steps in Input/Output (IO). A compelling thing about GeoPandas is its simple way to read a GIS vector dataset (Shapefile, GeoJson etc). It’s one line of code, or two if you include the import statement. import geopandas as gpd gpd.read_file(‘your_shapefile.shp’) Now, with the… Read More »GeoPandas and PostGIS

8 tips using GeoPandas and Python for Geospatial People

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GeoPandas is great. If you are learning Geospatial Programming and work with vector data then you could do alot worse than giving GeoPandas a go. I’ve written a little about GeoPandas before; so first a couple of links. Installing a Python Geospatial work environment that includes GeoPandas: Python for Geospatial work flows part 1: Use… Read More »8 tips using GeoPandas and Python for Geospatial People