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Google Earth Engine

GEE vs Planetary Computer

This blog is loosely a transcipt from the scenefromabove podcast season 12 episode 6. You can listen to it below. These, though, are my opinions. Background When we started doing the podcast in Dec 2017 we were raving about Google Earth Engine (GEE) and if you’d asked me what Microsoft were doing in the Earth… Read More »GEE vs Planetary Computer


Image reducer in Python

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Google Earth Engine (GEE) has a very nice feature called ‘image reducer’ and, frankly, it is incredibly useful. Say, for example, you have a field boundary and you want to know the mean, median, maximum and minimum NDVI values for it. In GEE you can use the reducer to get these values. You can also… Read More »Image reducer in Python

5 Awesome things about Google Earth Engine

This week I saw an excellent overview of Google Earth Engine Google Earth Engine docs I’ve previously written about Google Earth Engine here. If you want a basic guide, take a look. It is worth repeating from my previous article, “You can sign up / request access here As long as you are… Read More »5 Awesome things about Google Earth Engine