buildings classified

Identifying buildings on medium resolution Satellite data using Monteverdi software

This is the final part in a series on using Planet’s Open California dataset. I’ve summarised it all here. Detailed mapping of building footprints is fast becoming one of the key challenges/uses for very high spatial resolution Earth Observation data today. Being able to accurately acquire these footprints remotely and at speed is where the Read more about Identifying buildings on medium resolution Satellite data using Monteverdi software[…]

pan sharpening

Pan Sharpening Sentinel 2 with Planet data

Pan sharpening is the process of increasing the spatial resolution of an RGB (Red, Green, Blue) image. Both Landsat 8 and Landsat 7 have a 15m spatial resolution panchromatic band. The benefit of pan sharpening is clear; it allows the production of a significantly sharpened RGB image. There is plenty written about pan sharpening – Read more about Pan Sharpening Sentinel 2 with Planet data[…]

planet earth observation open california

Open California data & sensor comparison

I wrote recently about clipping data and shared an example in Beverly Hills. I wanted to use this data to explore and compare all the data sets available on Planet Explorer, but focusing on the terrific Open California data. I’ve been meaning for sometime to write a comparison between different sensors. My feeling is that Read more about Open California data & sensor comparison[…]

Data, data everywhere

This week Planet successfully launched 88 of its doves, taking another massive step forward in mapping the entire planet daily. I have written about the dramatic increase in temporal resolution data several times in the past. It is worth repeating though – I think – that while Remote Sensing is not new, the level of Read more about Data, data everywhere[…]

Edge detecting with Planet API

You know about planet (formerly Planet Labs), right? Their aim is to map every part of the Earth’s surface everyday using their Dove satellites. One Pixel for every area every day. Temporal data at its best! If you get an image every day and you want to monitor it (change being the obvious reason) a Read more about Edge detecting with Planet API[…]

GIS Petroleum User Group

Last week I attended the ESRI Petroleum user group in London. I think just over 200 people attended. I missed last year’s event but I have been present at this regular event many times in the past. Many thanks to the organisers – they do an incredible job. Pleasingly, there were plenty of Earth Observation Read more about GIS Petroleum User Group[…]

Temporal EO (Planet and the Oilfield)

This week I attended “Geo-Tech Masterclass: Introduction to satellite APIs” given by Planet (formally Planet Labs) at the Geovation hub in London. The Geovation hub is run by the Ordnance Survey with the “intention to be a centre of collaboration and inspiration in the UK geospatial industry” – exciting times! Earth Observation data can be Read more about Temporal EO (Planet and the Oilfield)[…]