GeoPandas and PostGIS

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In late June GeoPandas 0.8 was released. This release has made massive steps in Input/Output (IO). A compelling thing about GeoPandas is its simple way to read a GIS vector dataset (Shapefile, GeoJson etc). It’s one line of code, or two if you include the import statement. import geopandas as gpd gpd.read_file(‘your_shapefile.shp’) Now, with the… Read More »GeoPandas and PostGIS

Python for Geospatial work flows part 4: Updating from Python 3.6 to 3.7 with Anaconda

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18 months ago I wrote about setting up Anaconda for Python. The post is here I highly recommend using Anaconda. I have now come to a natural break in projects and I want to upgrade my version to Python 3.7 – which is the default version that Anaconda uses (3.7.7 as of the start of… Read More »Python for Geospatial work flows part 4: Updating from Python 3.6 to 3.7 with Anaconda

Geospatial Python Course V1

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I started blogging on in May 2016 and since then (at the time of writing in January 2020) I have gone on to write over 120 blog posts. I write loosely around the topic of Earth Observation and Satellite imagery but also more generally on Geospatial topics. GIS is my background. I am a… Read More »Geospatial Python Course V1

8 tips using GeoPandas and Python for Geospatial People

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GeoPandas is great. If you are learning Geospatial Programming and work with vector data then you could do alot worse than giving GeoPandas a go. I’ve written a little about GeoPandas before; so first a couple of links. Installing a Python Geospatial work environment that includes GeoPandas: Python for Geospatial work flows part 1: Use… Read More »8 tips using GeoPandas and Python for Geospatial People

Sentinel-5P and xarray

I’ve written about Sentinel-5P several times in the past. You can check these posts out below: Why is Sentinel-5P important? Sentinel-5P and Python The Sentinel-5P and Python post is an outline on how to read in a Sentinel-5P netcdf file and plot it. The notebook (code) is available here. I wanted to expand on this… Read More »Sentinel-5P and xarray

Ridge map plots using Python

I saw this tweet on May 1st: Inspired by @ZachACole's beautiful illustrations and @jakevdp's pulsar plots, I just released a library to make "ridge elevation plots" with Python and @matplotlib. Let me know if you make something nice! — Colin Carroll (@colindcarroll) May 1, 2019 I’ve seen these plots created before and find… Read More »Ridge map plots using Python