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Satellite Applications Catapult

Commercialisation of space

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I previously wrote about the Geospatial 2.0 workshop held earlier this year on the Space Campus in Harwell. Ever since this workshop I have started seeing more articles and I have become much more aware of the ‘commercialisation of space’. In April this year The Economist wrote a leader on Space Exploration. machine-learning can… Read More »Commercialisation of space

Geospatial 2.0 Workshop

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“What is the crossing point of machine learning and Earth Observation?” was the question asked this week at the Satellite Applications Catapult Geospatial 2.0 event at the Harwell campus near Oxford. Welcome to everyone attending our Geospatial Workshop today. Perfect clear sky's for Earth Observation! 🌍 — Satellite Applications Catapult (@SatAppsCatapult) July 13,… Read More »Geospatial 2.0 Workshop