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Sentinel-5P and xarray

I’ve written about Sentinel-5P several times in the past. You can check these posts out below: Why is Sentinel-5P important? Sentinel-5P and Python The Sentinel-5P and Python post is an outline on how to read in a Sentinel-5P netcdf file and plot it. The notebook (code) is available here. I wanted to expand on this… Read More »Sentinel-5P and xarray


Sentinel-5P and Python

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The data for Sentinel 5P was made available on 11th July 2018. #BreakingSince yesterday #Sentinel5P #opendata is available for downloadWith a resolution of up to 7×3.5 km, it enables detection of air pollution over individual cities.This high spatial resolution is key to locate the origin of pollutants and identifying #pollution hotspots — Copernicus EU… Read More »Sentinel-5P and Python


Why is Sentinel-5P important?

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Sentinel-5P is scheduled for launch on the 13th October 2017 from Plesetsk launch site in Russia. Its objectives are to measure Air Quality, Ozone and Surface UV and the climate – it’s the first mission for Copernicus to monitor the atmosphere. The P stands for Precursor. You can follow the launch event from the details… Read More »Why is Sentinel-5P important?