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New date for Geo Python course 25/26th April

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Following on from last years Python course’s I am happy to be able to run the next course on 25th and 26th April 2023. Please see the link below for more details. This 2 day course will take you from a standing start, no experience required. I’ll give you the tools and knowledge to… Read More »New date for Geo Python course 25/26th April

New date for Geo Python course. 20th and 21st September 2022

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Just finished the July course and already had some great feedback ‘Excellent couple of days, thank you very much! Learnt loads!’ ‘I think you use the resources in a fantastic way the course is great and we leave with a lot of insights’. ‘Thank you very much Andrew! Really interesting and useful course. Thanks.’ ‘Was… Read More »New date for Geo Python course. 20th and 21st September 2022

Have loads of bad ideas

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Have you ever been given the advice to have loads of bad ideas before? It might sound ludicrous but it stands to reason that working through any idea that comes to mind, even something that seems crazy, and getting it down on paper, could lead to something that actually makes sense. This week I gave… Read More »Have loads of bad ideas

Reaching everyone with maps

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I watched a video this week, a presentation given by Brian Boulmay of BP: It is well worth watching, he talks about BP’s One Map Platform. He wants to reach the whole community within his organisation with a map. There is an interesting quote mid-way through (I have paraphrased slightly below) “We queried all desktops… Read More »Reaching everyone with maps

Rapid Geospatial Skill Acquisition

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This summer I have been reading “The first 20 hours – how to learn anything fast” by Josh Kaufman Kaufman references Dr. K. Anders Ericsson of Florida State university – his rule of 10,000 hours to achieve expert-level performance. This has been famously discussed in Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Outliers”, but he has qualified it.… Read More »Rapid Geospatial Skill Acquisition