Massive Open Online Courses on Earth Observation 2017

In Q4 2017 there have been at least four Earth Observation related MOOCs that I have been aware of. I have keenly followed these three: Future Learn Earth Observation EO College “Echoes in space” IEA’s Big Data (not solely focused on EO, but there is a decent part devoted to it). All this information was/is Read more about Massive Open Online Courses on Earth Observation 2017[…]

Reaching everyone with maps

I watched a video this week, a presentation given by Brian Boulmay of BP: It is well worth watching, he talks about BP’s One Map Platform. He wants to reach the whole community within his organisation with a map. There is an interesting quote mid-way through (I have paraphrased slightly below) “We queried all desktops Read more about Reaching everyone with maps[…]

Rapid Geospatial Skill Acquisition

This summer I have been reading “The first 20 hours – how to learn anything fast” by Josh Kaufman https://first20hours.com/. Kaufman references Dr. K. Anders Ericsson of Florida State university – his rule of 10,000 hours to achieve expert-level performance. This has been famously discussed in Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Outliers”, but he has qualified it. Read more about Rapid Geospatial Skill Acquisition[…]

Let’s make GIS training more effective

Can a GIS Technician eventually become the CEO of a large company? GIS training industry today Below is the training model for generic GIS training today (July 2016).     Many vendors will also offer a training service where they will: Come to you, and/or Build the course tailored to your needs. I don’t have Read more about Let’s make GIS training more effective[…]