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New date for Geo Python course. 20th and 21st September 2022

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Just finished the July course and already had some great feedback

‘Excellent couple of days, thank you very much! Learnt loads!’

‘I think you use the resources in a fantastic way the course is great and we leave with a lot of insights’.

‘Thank you very much Andrew! Really interesting and useful course. Thanks.’

‘Was super interesting the course! I need to review a few things but in general was very well explained’

‘Thanks Andrew, much appreciated very informative course. Kind regards.’

‘Thanks Andrew! It was really interesting!’

‘Thank you so much. I learned a lot’

So we are going again in September!

New for this course!

  • For day 1 – More ideas for what the next steps are and another example excerise to do
  • For day 2 – Interactive geopandas and saving it as html

What do you get?

1. All the code as Jupyter Notebooks.

2. All the challenges and solutions as Jupyter Notebooks. (1& 2 total both days over 30 notebooks!)

3. A pre course 30min check/setup to make sure you have Python and associated libraries installed. This will be scheduled on 19th September. Notes will be supplied if you cannot attend. However a working setup is a prerequiste for both days.

4. The benefit of my experience, ask questions. I will attempt to respond post event if I cannot answer on the day. You’ll get the zoom chat post course.

5. A set of curated links based on my 5 years training and my introduction presentation.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me via


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Update Summer 2022

I am also running a 2hour git course the week before!



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