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Podcast season 1 episode 3 – Transcript


The following is an attempt to transcribe the #scenefromabove podcast for those who might prefer to read instead of listen. For a full list of podcasts please visit

AC = Andrew Cutts

AG = Alastair Graham


AG – Hello and welcome to season 1 Episode 3 of the scenefromabove podcast. I’m Alistair

AC- And I’m Andrew

AG – And we are your hosts for a show that aims to bring you an informal discussion around the cool things happening in and around the world of earth observation at the moment. You can reach us on twitter using the hastags #scenefromabove.

—- Music—-


— News 1 Sentinel 1 on AWS —

AC – Lets do the news.

AG – Sounds like a good plan.

AC – I’ve got two pieces of news I have seen this week, or 2 things that I have found really interesting. They both relate to the cloud and AWS. The first one is Sentinel 1 data being on AWS through the Sentinel on AWS service which already has Sentinel 2 already on. Its been setup by sinergise these guys are doing amazing work with the Sentinel playground they have got a plugin for QGIS and I was just looking this morning at their configurator service where you can create your own wms service and you can do that with Sentinel 1 data. In the back of my mind I was thinking this is going to come, Sentinel 1 is going to come onto AWS at somepoint and its going to make it a lot easier and more available for people to get hold of the data as previously – if I am not mistaken it was only available on ESA’s scihub.

AG – Yeah this is great news. Its really good to be able to have a way of accessing these data sets through Sinergise. I mean those guys are really pushing the data sharing aspect of it and have done some really good work. I hadn’t realised that they were behind the sentinel plugin for QGIS that’s really cool.

AC – Its only GRD data not SLC products yet. As far as I ma aware and they have push it to cloud optimised Geotiffs already. So this is something we might talk a little bit about later. Its just really impressive. I think, like you said on a previous podcast, that SAR data is just a speckerly mess if you don’t know what you are doing with it. So this is a huge leap forward.

AG – Yeah I think so, this is going to help users no end

AC – It’s a requesters pays unless you are in Europe then its free to access so that is great if you are in Europe.

— News 2 the film the farthest —-


more to come