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Reducing Shapefile size

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Quite often I get sent / send shapefiles (zipped up mostly). I wondered if there was any way of reducing the filesize, sometimes these files can get quite big! In this notebook I wanted to run some checks / experiments on whether I could reduce the size of a shapefile. I tried various options, simplifiying… Read More »Reducing Shapefile size

GeoPandas and PostGIS

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In late June GeoPandas 0.8 was released. This release has made massive steps in Input/Output (IO). A compelling thing about GeoPandas is its simple way to read a GIS vector dataset (Shapefile, GeoJson etc). It’s one line of code, or two if you include the import statement. import geopandas as gpd gpd.read_file(‘your_shapefile.shp’) Now, with the… Read More »GeoPandas and PostGIS

8 tips using GeoPandas and Python for Geospatial People

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GeoPandas is great. If you are learning Geospatial Programming and work with vector data then you could do alot worse than giving GeoPandas a go. I’ve written a little about GeoPandas before; so first a couple of links. Installing a Python Geospatial work environment that includes GeoPandas: Python for Geospatial work flows part 1: Use… Read More »8 tips using GeoPandas and Python for Geospatial People